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About the Artist

Alexandra Romano is an artist living and working in Mississauga, Ontario, which is located near Toronto, Canada. She works primarily with acrylics as well as oil, ink and spray paint to create truly unique pieces. Her passion is to create eye catching artworks which includes bold colours; contemporary abstracts that stand out as a focal point in any space; a conversation piece.

An abstract artist, who delights in the freedom of abstraction and the ability to explore impressionism and expressionism, which are frequently inspired by nature and incorporate texture, geometric elements and bold beautiful colours. She enjoys creating stylish, eye-catching artwork for fashionable homes and commercial sites.
She relies on a natural, intuitive approach while creating her paintings. She craftily uses palette knives to create texture to give the piece an interesting depth. Alexandra delights in being present during the whole process as she observes the piece come to life, layer by layer.
Expect her paintings to stir up emotion within you.

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