AMP: Where Art Meets Philosophy Episode 7: Video Interview

AMP: Where Art Meets Philosophy Episode 7: Video Interview

“Life is about creation and connections”
“We have to plan but accept that everything in life is transient and all that arises passes away”.

In this interview Alexandra Romano joins Kudarie Somaru aka PositivePABLO; founder of Makes Everyone Happy, at the Toronto Sculpture Garden to discuss her piece “Free Spirit”.  In this episode of “AMP: Where Art Meets Philosophy”; creation, love, personal growth, present moment awareness and pressing past failures are all discussed.

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The piece in this video is titled Free Spirit because of the intuitive process involved. I specialize in abstract expressionism artwork; trusting in consciousness to let creation flow through me. I’m the instrument that life plays. Life is a divine play; a dance and a song. We often say “I’m playing the guitar” you don’t say “I’m working the guitar”. Whether we create a visual or musical composition, we enjoy any art form when we trust the creative journey, as we're fully alive in the present moment.

The mind is wild but it can be trained.

Realize that “the mind is a lousy master but a wonderful servant”. Use your mind as a tool because you're more than your thoughts. What is deep within you that allows you to witness the thoughts?

Use today as a reference point for tomorrow; still plan but be present because if you don’t then you're not truly living life.

“making plans for the future is of use only to people who are capable of living completely in the present.” – Alan Watts: Playing the Game of Life.

“In music, one doesn't make the end of the composition the point of the composition. If that were so, the best conductors would be those who played fastest; and there would be composers who only wrote finales. People would go to concerts only to hear one crashing chord - because that's the end.

Same way in dancing, you don't aim at a particular spot in the room - that's where you should arrive. The whole point of the dancing is the dance.

We thought of life by analogy with a journey, with a pilgrimage, which had a serious purpose at the end. And the thing was to get to that end. Success, or whatever it is, or maybe heaven after you're dead. But we missed the point the whole way along. It was a musical thing, and you were supposed to sing, or to dance, while the music was being played.”  - Alan Watts

Perception creates our reality.

Be grateful for the blessings, unique attributes and skills that you have. Play and have fun in the world; life's a giant playground. We are all God, expressing itself as a human for a short period of time.

The Sanskrit word “Maya” is a core concept in Hindu philosophy meaning magic or illusion. The past is in the past; it doesn’t exist. It happened but at the same time it’s gone, that’s the paradox;  it only exists, now, in your mind. It’s a memory of an event, the past is not who you are.  Anything you attach to is ultimately illusion. You are not what you do. Shakespeare said “nothing is either good or bad, it’s thinking that makes it so”.

We are all connected. When we were infants and children we all got this concept:

“The meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain and so obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves.” – Alan Watts

We will never loose the inner consciousness that recognizes this, it just gets covered up sometimes as we grow up conditioned by our well meaning teachers, parents, friends, the media; conditioned to believe things that aren’t true or real. No need to blame anybody because if you do they will ultimately just say my parents screwed me up". Then when you ask their parents they will answer "well my parents were neurotic too" and it will just keep back tracking to Adam and Eve or a disappearing money. 

Opinions constantly change, they aren’t who you are they’re just opinions. Even scientists have discovered that about 98% of thoughts are repetitive. Don’t take your thoughts so seriously, when you ruminate on a thought it puts a mental marker on it and lets your brain know it’s important when its actually just useless mind junk that doesn’t need to be examined.

Interview with Kudarie Somaru from the "Makes Everyone Happy" Youtube channel. Music provided by Southern Hayze. 

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