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Painting Philosophy #1

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This painting titled "The Root of Evil" is stunning and has a dark, creepy element to it. It represents life. The beauty of life with the radiant sun is represented in this painting by using a gorgeous metallic gold and metallic copper enamel paint, creating thick textures over top of a bright, yellow background.

The contrasting "dark" or evil element is the bold, black tree with whimsical, twisted branches crawling and coming alive across the canvas, as the branches wrap around to the top, sides and bottom of the piece.


This represents life; the yin yang concept. Just like back and front go together, and the background and foreground go together; light and dark, good and evil need each other to exist. Respect both aspects. Life is everlasting. Death is the opposite of birth, not life; as the body changes clothes the soul similarly changes bodies, in order to express itself in different forms.

We are the brush and life is the artist! It is effective to plan but often when it comes down it, it we just make a snap judgement and trust our instinct in the moment and always handle whatever comes our way when we are in the moment; that’s where powerful energy flows. Positive and productive energy doesn't flow when you're over thinking, ruminating or compulsively planning situations and never enjoying "this" moment; which is life. It’s easy to let this truth slip in this fast paced world.

As technology improves our lives in so many ways, it’s beneficial to also look at our inner operating systems and do an update on ourselves every once in a while. Challenges strengthen and sharpen us “No pressure, No diamonds”. The good times are to be enjoyed. Both are needed experiences. 

I was listening to an Alan Watts lecture where he was saying.. if you had to ability to dream the most beautiful and exciting dreams for 500 years, it would be amazing at first! Then you would get bored and start craving more challenging, fucked up dreams. You would want the contrast. This is why people like video games and horror movies we like to be scared, we just don’t like it when it's "my" story, the story the ego tells you. When the drama involves you or others, the ego loves it, this is how it feeds. Think of how the mind talks to "you". Are we divided within ourselves? You can say you’re a father, a politician, etc, enjoy these roles. However, don't take the mind too seriously. We’re playing the part, playing the game of life, it’s hard to not take it seriously sometimes but think of all the generations before us, what did their worry do for their lives or others? No one knows. They're all top soil now. 

The grievances they suffered won’t be known. We know from our own experience that worry makes no difference to anything that's going to happen. Worry is futile. We can only imagine from our own experiences that worry didn't help anything for the past generations, it just ruined life by blocking natural, genuine energy; clogging up the mind with junk rather than being clear minded. Let's learn from this. Salvation lies within. “My life is full of terrible misfortunes, most of which never happened”. I do not want to live this way anymore. I’ve wasted the present moment many times by ruminating on the past which doesn’t exist. It’s a memory of an event that you can’t feel or touch; it’s done. The present is all there is. Memories aren’t life. The future doesn’t exist either; it’s an illusion, a projection, and imagination. People with developed imaginations, who express creativity often are great at using it for beauty; don’t turn your own intelligence against yourself by using it to destroy yourself. You are here to express yourself, create, share art, share yourself, and just be.

Title: The Root of Evil 
Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas 
Size: 8" W x 10" H x 1.5" D

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