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Original artworks represented by "Flat Space Art" gallery!

This post is a reflection of my time, so far, with the contemporary fine art gallery "Flat Space Art". The owner, Luiza Gibb, found my original paintings on social media and fell in love with them! Since January 2017, I've been represented by this contemporary gallery, located in Notting Hill; one of the richest parts of London, England. They feature paintings from my collection exhibiting pieces at the gallery and available.via online marketplaces: "1stDibs", "Artsy" and the Flat Space Art website. I am excited for my collection to continue to reach new people worldwide. I hope that when you look at my artwork, it truly evokes a sense of peace and passion in you, or rather I just hope it makes you feel something.  

On July 17th 2017, I traveled from Toronto, starting my 3500 mile trip across the sea to England, for the first-time, a 3 month visit, where I finally met the owner Luiza and the FSA team!

artist-alexandra-romano-flat-space-art-contemporary-abstract-artist-modern-fine-art-london-england-notting hill

I brought a few pieces for them to see; which I painted in Portsmouth, England, a lovely seaside town which was a 2 hour train ride from London.

beautiful town portsmouth england south sea trip photo of the day blog post alexandra romano art
Sunset view by the ocean in Portsmouth, England. The inspiration for my original painting "Wild Fire" was calming sunsets, as well as natural elements: earth, wind, water and fire. 

Wild Fire by Alexandra Romano © 2018, 36" x 24" H x 1.5" D

Transcendence No. 1 by Alexandra Romano © 2018, 40" x 30" H x 1.5" D 


Transcendence No. 2 by Alexandra Romano © 2018, 36" x 24" H x 1.5" D

Painting by the beach was a liberating experience; I love the ocean and this is what inspired the cool, relaxing colours in "Transcendence No. 1 and  2" which were donated along with "Wild Fire". These original paintings valued at £6,000 were displayed and auctioned off on the 1st of March 2018 at the House of Lords in London, England for the "Frame the Future" fundraising dinner.

This dinner supported the "The Flourish Foundation", a charity providing Art Therapy projects for displaced children and young adults in refugee camps located in Ritsona, Greece. The event was hosted by the Right Hon. The Lord Whitty, and organised by art curators "Flat Space Art". Entire proceeds of donated to charity.  

Tritons-Revenge-by-Alexandra Romano-1stDibs-original abstract expressionism large paintings luxury fine art sold art collectors canadian artist london art england
Triton's Revenge, Original Large 60" W x 48" H x 1.5" D acrylic on canvas

Private Collections in: La Quinta, California; Huntington Beach, California; Phoenix, Arizona; Macon, Georgia; Atlanta, Georgia; Île-de-France, Paris; just to name a few.

To get your own original painting fill out my contact form, email me at: or contact the gallery. Commissions welcome. 

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